Travel Arizona, Flagstaff KOA Campout

An easy Summer Stay-cation

Stay-cations are something we really have only been doing for a few years now. It’s actually what inspired our exploration of our great state of Arizona. For awhile, well actually always, we were on a pretty tight budget and getting out of state just wasn’t written in the stars for our family of seven. Finding great places to check out near us has become a fast family favorite. This summer we made a quick trip up to Flagstaff to get out of the heat, check out from technology, and just simply unwind.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to plan for a full on camp out with tents, campfire cookouts, and long thought out wilderness adventures. And that’s ok too. Taking a stay-cation is about taking a break, getting away, and enjoying the company you’re in. We did just that staying 2 nights at the KOA Flagstaff campgrounds.

**This trip was a sponsored partnership with KOA for content creation, I am not required to post about my trip and I will not profit off any KOA bookings, just want to share my tips and thoughts about our camp adventure.**

Since we had little time to prepare for our mini camp, we hit up the local Walmart to make the most of our camp side dinner. We had some great burgers, steaks and peppers.

Keeping the kids off electronics

Finding ways to entertain kids gets a lot easier when your destinations have barely any cell service or wifi. But when you do have access and have the option to plug in, I find it’s easier to talk with the family about limiting, if not eliminating usage all together. It’s important to take time to be together without the distractions and noise that comes with the technology. I am lucky my kids really do enjoy the outdoors. We spent an afternoon taking advantage of the bikes KOA Flagstaff as available for rent. The boys were exhausted by the end of their hour rentals, but then a few hours later they were ready to take them for another spin!

To pass the time one afternoon, we took the kids over to the local indoor pool. In addition to a really cool swim center, there was air hockey and an indoor rock climbing wall. The boys had a great time while the adults relaxed back at the cabin.

The last morning we were there, we set out on a mini hike and man, I wish I have gotten everyone up for the views. We let the older boys sleep in and took the younger two out to explore Elden Trail. Such a great view!

All in all, we had a really nice get away to Flagstaff which is just a little over 3 hours drive. We breathed in all the fresh air, laughed, and ate well. What else do you need in a stay-cation?!?

If you are looking for some tips on camping with kids check out my post over on Road Trippers Magazine.

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About Christopher Creek

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