Sharesix – Earth

Sharesix – Earth, this months theme was a little harder than I thought it would be. Not because I didn’t know where to go with the idea, just that I am naturally drawn to share my views on gardening and taking care of our dear mother nature. To those, I feel I have plenty of posts, and many posts still to come. So I decided to change the pace. A photoshoot full of Earth tones, a beautiful sunrise in the desert, and a great model who was willing to join us at the crack of dawn. (Thanks Krystin!) Hope you enjoy. Read more

Sharesix – Green

Here is a greenhouse update from our Earth Day Post.

This months theme, Sharesix – Green, was chosen by me. I chose the theme Green for a number of reasons. Firstly, my favorite color is green, all shades of green. Secondly, I love growing things. One of my favorite Instagram hashtags is #growsomethinggreen. I haven’t always had a green thumb, its taken many years of patience and many plant cemeteries. Lastly, I try and live a green life through reusing, recycling, and being resourceful. I try to make as many of my own household and personal products that I can, I wouldn’t say its a real money saver, but I would say its much better for our bodies, and our environment. Read more

Share Six – Narrow depth of field

I was recently approached about joining a blog circle for photographers. I have participated in this group before, just not as a blog contributor. Just for fun, and for the love of photography. Share Six is a spin off from Sharetographers. We will be sharing six images on the 6th of each month. Those photos will be our own creative interpretation of a monthly theme. This is a great opportunity for me to be held accountable to blogging more. And moreover, I get to be creative and take pretty pictures. Here is my take on this months theme, and I apologize for its lateness. I am currently out of town and have been having issues with super slow internet. Read more