Share Six – Water

Share Six - Water

Can you believe a month has already passed and our new theme is out?! This month flew by, and has been very exhausting for me. I am so pleased to announce the new Share Six theme is Water! We had a lot of fun with this one. As a mother of five, we are always looking for inexpensive ways to keep our littles entertained. We don’t dine out often or even take the whole brood to the movies. As you can imagine, it adds up fast. After moving from an acre to a small neighborhood lot, my kids crave open spaces even more. When thinking of how to share this months theme, the idea became clear with our rising temperatures. (We are already hitting 90+ degrees!) Lets go “live in a van… down by the river” Ok, maybe not live. We did however pack the van pretty tight with 3 inflated tubes, one inflated row boat, an ice chest, chairs, and 5 little boys. It was a tad cramped to say the least.

So here are some images from our Fun in the Sun day at the Salt River’s Pebble Beach.
Click on the images to see lens and camera settings. Camera used 5d Miii.

Share Six – Water

Salt River Tubing

Although it looks really sunny, the water was freezing! Good thing my kids are wild and could care less.

Salt River Pebble Beach

Salt River Mesa AZ

Mesa AZ Salt River

Pebble Beach Salt River

Pebble Beach AZ

That little guy on the right in hands was a shrimp. Or so we thought. He was intended to be bait for a makeshift fishing pole, but was miraculously spared by the gods when he hid in our inner tube lining only to be found right before we left, thus being freed back into the wild. So there were no water creatures harmed in the making of these photos.

Total Cost: $73
2 new tubes + Row boat $53
Soda’s, Chips, Oreo’s (necessities) $14
Parking Pass $6

We had so much fun, we know we will go back again during the summer. We will get our money out of the inflatables we purchased for sure. But to keep cost down, the current is pretty mild and the shore is quite shallow. You could literally pack snacks from the fridge, grab some towels, and make a pretty stellar day off of a $6 parking pass. Oh, and you can take your grill out there too on approved burn days!

Check out Cobert Photography to see more on this months theme! Katherine did an amazing job with some really cool photos. Well done Katherine!

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    1. Thank you Stephanie! I would love to see you join in our Share Six, see what you can come up with for this months theme water! I bet you guys could get some great shots in!

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