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If there’s anything I can tell you about having kids, having had five myself, it is that nothing seems to go as planned. And as far as plans are concerned, this may never end, no matter how old they get. I’d like to introduce to you some of my awesome clients. This is Jen and Junior. (Cute right?!? Even saying their names has a sweet little jingle to it.) I met Jen quite some years back when she was having her first son, who is now almost 11. I reached out to Jen and Junior and their sweet little family of 5 right when they found out they were expecting again. I was looking for a family to photograph for some marketing materials. Later down the road, when I hosted my first photography workshop, I immediately thought of them as my model family. Her styled maternity session was perfect. (You can see those photos HERE). I was so excited when they asked me to be a part of their birth story and also take their newborn photos. Remember when I said nothing goes as planned when you have kids?? Well this is a story to confirm just that.

We had planned for me to be with them at the hospital to capture the very first moments of Mia’s arrival. Unfortunately other events prevented that from happening. Here is the real story, and I am sure some of you mama’s out there can relate.

Fresh 48 – Welcome Mia – A mothers story.

“I had been having contractions for about a week and was getting so frustrated that our sweet girl wasn’t ready to make her debut, so my friend and I decided to go and walk around Target to try and get labor going. We walked around a for a few hours and I still was not having many contractions, so we headed home.

Later that evening I woke up to some pretty intense contractions that quickly became closer and closer together. Around 10pm we decided we better head to the hospital. I sat up to get out of bed and felt a gush of fluid. I thought for sure my water had broken, but I looked down to see myself standing in a pool of blood. My heart was racing and tears were streaming down my face. My husband rushed me into the car and raced down the road to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. When we arrived to the Emergency Room the nurse took my vital signs and asked me to have a seat. That wait of not knowing if my baby was ok was the longest I have ever experienced. Minutes felt like hours.

Finally they called my name to be taken back. They asked me to change into a gown so they could hook me up to the fetal heart rate monitors. While in the bathroom another gush of blood came running down my legs and I began to sob again. My husband helped get me cleaned up and into bed. I couldn’t get there fast enough to hear our girls heartbeat. Finally they strapped the belt around my belly and we heard her heartbeat. I still remember feeling that sense of relief. It was the sweetest sound I have ever heard. The nurse told me that we weren’t completely out of the woods and they were still concerned with all of the bleeding. The good news was I was already dilated to a 7! I had made the decision to get an epidural, but it was almost too late. They had to quickly place an IV and give me fluids before I could receive my epidural. My contractions were extremely intense and only about a minute apart. I got my epidural and was finally able to relax a bit. I was so exhausted.

I remember looking up and having three nurses staring at me with concerned looks on their faces.

I was dilated to a 10 and ready to push, but my oxygen level was dropping along with my blood pressure and so was the baby’s heartbeat. We had to get the baby out quickly. The nurse was told to give me a bolus of fluids and placed oxygen on my face. Thankfully I was able to push her out in 3 pushes!

At 1:46am on May 29th, 2015 our Mia was born! She was placed on my chest and so beautiful! All of my anxiety and fear was replaced with overwhelming joy and love. She looked up at me with her beautiful big eyes. I remember thinking she had so much hair and running my fingers over her little head.

My husband kissed me on the forehead and we both gazed at our beautiful new baby girl.”

I was able to join the family the next day. Little Mia and Mommy were already pretty settled in together. As you can see, Mia was a pretty calm little peanut by the time I arrived. She didn’t make a peep during out Fresh 48 session. I understand when things get scary, the last thing you want to do is call in the photographer with all her clunky gear, getting all up in your business. Somethings are better treasured with your loved ones. I am so glad that she was able to get through her labor struggles and deliver a healthy and beautiful baby girl.

Thank you Jen and Junior for allowing me to share your delivery story.

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  1. I can’t tell you enough how much it meant to me for you to come and capture such an amazing event in our lives (even if it didn’t go as planned) you are so talented and just an amazing person inside and out! I love that I have some incredible memories so beautifully captured because of you!! Pregnancy, family, Mias birth, and now her one year!!! We love you!! ❤️????

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