Rumbi Island Grill

Date night with the kids

Rumbi Island Grill Chandler AZ

It’s not often I get out for dinner with the kids in tow. I know, I know I really should. They deserve a little spoiling here and there. But not too much. Last month, there was a blogger invite to taste test some of the new pork dishes at Rumbi Island Grill in Chandler, AZ. I was a little reluctant to go at first because I do not eat pork and my daughter is also a vegetarian. But once I mentioned it to the boys, there was really no way outta this. And I am so glad we went. As you can see by my children’s awkward faces, we don’t go out much. Or maybe it’s just their affinity for mom taking pictures of them every where we go. (Insert kid eye roll of mothers sarcasm there.)

Rumbi Island Grill Coupon Feb 2017

We¬†tried the Rumbi pulled pork BBQ Salad, the Luau Pork Taco plate, Veggie rice bowl with Tofu, and the Ah-maze-ING sweet potato fries. Those didn’t make the pictures because we ate them too fast!

2017 Feb Coupon Rumbi Island Grill

Coupon for Rumbi Island Grill

2017 Coupon for Rumbi Island Grill

I personally ate the veggie bowl with tofu. It was so delicious. My boys ate their pork entrees and we’re ready to order more. Having never been to Rumbi Island Grill before, I mentioned to a few friends that we had tried it and are hooked. Apparently we were out of the loop and a lot of my friends from AZ & UT LOVE this place!

So as a sweet pulled pork (or Tofo) Gift for you, there is a coupon below for you to try it out! Or go again because they are awesome!

During the blogger night there was a fun photo booth we clearly had to participate in. You’re welcome.

Fun at Rumbi Island Grill 2017

Photo fun at Rumbi Island Grill 2017

Simply take this coupon in today or tomorrow to Rumbi Island Grill and enjoy!