Radish Mama Brunches

Brunch is always a Good Idea

So I recently started a monthly brunch for foodies and bloggers. As adults, and women, it can be so challenging to make friends. Genuine friendships that last. I have finally figured out the trick. You have to start with commonalities, then hook ’em with good cooking, laughter, and an open door policy. And that is exactly what we have created with these brunches. And by we, I mean two of my new foodie gal pals, Alana and Becca. Just a couple of other foodies I met through  social media, and am now real life friends with them.

These photos are an accurate representation of the work that goes into these brunches, hosted by me, but executed by all of us. No one lady stands around.

From the get go…

I really thought this month, being my third month, I had my ish together by prepping a few things the night before. Welp, if you know me, then you already know that was wishful thinking on my part. There is always MORE to be done. And one cannot simply prepare everything the night before. That would totally be FAKE NEWS on the farm fresh delivery in which this idea was hatched. Good thing everyone of these amazing ladies always offer to pitch in. If you ask me for a task in my kitchen, by golly you’ll get one!

On the Menu

Our menu is created by me, with a seasonal and local approach. So far there are three of us that garden and we try to incorporate our own fresh veggies, farm fresh eggs, and other farm goodies into each meal. I truly think this is where the magic happens. For everything else, we try and get locally grown fresh veggies. AND if that isn’t in the stars, its organic and hand selected from a very reputable source. You have to care about each ingredient, that’s the basis of these meals.

As I work to create the menu, I do my best to try and include things, especially veggies, I don’t think are common. It makes for a fun and colorful presentation. Also, I find great  joy in cooking with new ingredients.

This months menu included a beautiful fruit salad brought by Becca. Isn’t she cute? She literally, is always wearing that awesome smile!

Rainbow roll ups dipped in peanut sauce, and adaptation of this recipe by Pinch of Yum. My version included a majaraja humus (a spice by Seasonality Spices), sushi rice, & my own peanut sauce recipe.

Chicken breakfast cabbage wraps, with a farm fresh fried egg, topped with an avocado pico de gallo, and drizzled with a jalapeno mint pesto yogurt sauce.

Steamed artichoke quarters with a dill aioli dip.

And last but no way in the least, fresh beet/carrot/greens/& strawberry juice. -This has become a tradition each month with the veggies ingredients changing.

You’re Invited!

Like I said before, this is really an all in effort from each person who attends. I will continue to host these monthly brunches and would love for it to grow into an even bigger and special event. If you would like to be added to our invite list, please leave a comment for me and I will be in contact with you on our scheduling! Also, if you are interested in hosting a Radish Mama Brunch, I am accepting submissions… and don’t worry – I can do as much of the cooking needed!

All photos by Jessica Downey of Jessica Downey Photo and Owner of The Littlest Farm AZ

Foodie ladies to follow

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Becca / Becca Eats

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Jessica / The Littlest Farm Az

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