Garlic Oil Roasted Cherry tomatoes

The tastiest way to eat cherry tomatoes!

I fell in love with roasting cherry tomatoes about 10 years ago. Having gone to a produce rescue, I needed an easy recipe to use up over 20 lbs of tomatoes. About half of that was some sort of cherry tomato variety. Since I have a love of all things roasted, this was a great way to use them and store them for a longer period of time. You are going to love these simple garlic oil roasted cherry tomatoes too!

One way I have improved this recipe over the years was by using flavored or infused olive oils!  My favorite oil to use in this recipe currently is from my local Olive Mill. They have a huge selection of oils and other products such as stuffed olives, tapenades, and even beauty products! They make great gifts and we like to shop there around the holidays.

Go check them out, Queen Creek Olive Mill

Getting Started

To fill an entire cookie sheet you’ll need about 3-4 10 oz packages of cherry tomatoes. Wash them, and drizzle a generous amount of garlic flavored olive oil over your tomatoes.

Season your tomatoes with both Italian seasoning and sea salt.

Make your own Italian spice blend by using THIS RECIPE!

Roast your tomaotes at 400 degrees for 35-45 minutes. I prefer to roast mine until they start to char a bit on the top, I looooove that little bit of char. 

After you’ve roasted them to your desire, pack them tightly into a jar, the more the merrier. Then pour the remaining seasoned garlic oil into your jar. This will keep in your refrigerator for up to two months. When I have had more than my needed share of these roasted goodies, I put them into smaller 4 ounce jars and share them with friends and neighbors. I always get rave reviews! You can eat them plain, add them to a cold salad, or any warm pasta. Which I am sharing below!

Chickpea Pasta with Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Chickpea pasta is a great gluten free option that is packed with protein and fiber.

Cook chickpea pasta according to package directions, this takes a little more time and water than regular pasta. Once it is thoroughly cooked, drain and drizzle garlic flavored olive oil to prevent them from sticking together. Add in plenty of roast cherry tomatoes, toss and enjoy! Garnish with fresh ribbon cut basil and grated parmesan.  You can also make this a cold pasta salad adding in marinated olives, artichoke, and fresh mozzarella pearls!

My honest opinion of this gluten free pasta is that you need to add a hearty amount of salt to your water while cooking. They are pretty bland plainly boiled. The texture is firmer than regular pasta even when fully cooked. Even with that being said, it was a tasty gluten free alternative to regular pasta.