Ash Canyon Ranch Family Kitchen

Taking back the table 102

The kitchen is so much more than a place to prepare food. It’s a place we gather to laugh, to gossip, to learn, to share, and to pass on traditions.

I am so grateful to get to share one of those traditions from the Ash Canyon Ranch Family Kitchen.

Meet Logan and Witney, a couple who is just 23 days away from tying the big knot! When we sat down to choose a location to capture their love story through engagement photos, there was only one place they had in mind. Ash Canyon Ranch. Logan’s side of the family has a beautiful ranch tucked away in the desert plains of Southern Arizona. The endless meadow trails take you out into some of Arizona’s most gorgeous landscapes. But no matter how far those trails have taken Logan and Witney, they have led them right back to the Ash Canyon Ranch family kitchen. Where a simple homemade grilled green chili, cheese, and ham sandwich making tradition, has played an extra special role in their love story.

Ash Canyon Ranch Family Kitchen

The Recipe

“I’m not sure who invented it in the family. But like most Roberts family recipes, they usually came from his Nana or his aunt Cheryl. We use the hatch green Chiles. Usually if there is any real ham around, leftover from one of the dinners or a holiday, we’ll use that. Lots of mayo and mustard (so weird I know! Until you try it). And tillamook or krafts singles cheese. Logan likes to break his sandwich apart and put Fritos in his to add some crunch! And no lunch is complete without a pickle spear and a Coca Cola (with the good ice!)”

What makes the ranch kitchen so special to each of you?

“It’s the Kitchen of the home that George and Kay built together. Having a strong and loving marriage for over 50 years. I was never fortunate enough to meet Kay, his Nana. But I have stories to last me a lifetime and she was one amazing woman. Many of those stories were told to me in this part of the home, stories are always told at the dinner table. From the ornate (and funny) signs that mark themselves in every room to the foundation of strength and love that is built into his entire family and this home, I just can’t get enough. I couldn’t be luckier to be joining this family. The kitchen is just one small haven on the entire property. There is beauty everywhere you turn.” 

For Witney, this grilled sandwich tradition has been going on since 2009. For Logan, this tradition has been going on forever. Hundreds of grilled sandwiches have been made and enjoyed in this truly extraordinary place.

I am so excited to be sharing in such an important day for Logan and Witney. There ceremony will also take place on this amazing property. Here is another one of my favorite portraits from their engagement session just right out side the ranch.

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  1. Love is expressed so often in the joy of cooking. Witney and Logan have a lifetime to create those perfect grilled cheese sandwiches! The entire family feels blessed to welcome this wonderful couple in marriage. Love to you both, Mom and Dad (Jaybee & Chris)

  2. Beautiful venue, sandwiches look interesting, and te loves shines through! Best of it ALL to Witney and Logan, and Logan and Witney!

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