DIY Holiday Leather Projects

Handmade leather labels and other simple leather projects

Handmade Holiday crafts using scrap leather

What I love most about the Holidays is my renewed sense of craftiness. Every year I try and create unique handmade gifts. This past few years have had me strapped to my computer a little more than I’d like to admit, and I didn’t have a lot of time to make things. Running a photography business during the Holiday season is insane. (The good kind of insane of course!) When racking my brain this year on what I can do that is both simple and unique, my idea basically fell into my lap. While cleaning out my craft room, some scrap leather fell out of a box. My initial thought was “what the heck am I going to do with this leather?”…

After finding this hidden treasure, I went on pinterest and started looking at DIY leather projects. There were so many options for simple leather projects. I can’t believe I hadn’t done some of these things sooner!

Here are a few simple DIY leather projects for you to do for the Holidays.

What you'll need to get started

What you’ll need to get started.
A leather punch set
Scrap Leather
Sturdy Surface to work on
Leather Alphabet stamp set

Optional Materials
Key rings
metal rivets
Decorative beads

You can find most of these items at your local craft store. I bought all my materials from Joann’s Fabric store.


Use any scrap leather


First of all, I will say working with leather is a little harder than pinterest leads you to believe. (Who would have thought.) Punching holes into thick leather takes more hammering than one would expect.

you will need a hammer, metal leather stamps, and a sturdy workspace

hammering your leather stamps can be really loud

To get started on my leather name labels, I cut my scraps of leather into small odd shapes to give them character. I punched holes into the side to string them onto presents for wrapping. I stamped names onto the leather using my alphabet stamp kit.

Handmade leather keychains or use as an ornament

Another super simple and cute project are these keychain ornaments. I made them for my kids, and some other family members. We plan to hang them on the tree next year. As for this year, they will double as a gift label. You can create any shape you want for a keychain. If you want to be extra creative you can paint designs onto them too.

simple leather strap ornament


Simple leather strap round ornament

Using leather for name labels on gifts is a cute and simple way to spice up your gift wrapping

Here are some of the items I purchased from Joanns and Amazon.
Mini Punch Set
3mm Cotton Cord
Wooden Beads
Key Rings

Handmade leather labels and other simple leather projects