Easy Thai Som Tum

Som Tum anyone? A summer time favorite. It’s super fun to make… well that is if you don’t mind the arm work. And I have never looked at a real recipe for it, I just make it the way my Aunt showed me many years ago. I would eat it a lot more if we had an Asian Market a little closer to home. The one I go to is about a 45 minute drive. One way. So when I do go, I stock up. This is an Easy Thai Som Tum recipe that literally anyone can make!


These are the things you’ll need:

  • a mortar
  • some thai chili’s
  • limes
  • fish sauce
  • tomatoes (cherry tomatoes are what I like to use)
  • sugar
  • garlic
  • papaya
  • something to shred your papaya



First put your garlic, chili’s and tomatoes in your pot, and start the bashing. As you can see in the pics, I used 2 thai chili’s. They are small but they sure do pack a punch! If you don’t mind sweating and your nose running for the rest of the day, go ahead and use 2. If you are less tolerant, stick to one. If you don’t care for spicy, then stop reading this post and walk away. And then know that we might not be able to be friends…

Once its all smashed add in some shredded papaya. And squeeze some lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar until your taste buds have been fully tantalized. I wish I had a more accurate way of making this, but I am not one to measure things very often.