Boxed wholesale review

So I am already getting questions about my photo on social media. Boxed Wholesale…. what’s that?? I am here to answer your questions, give you some details and a boxed wholesale review. (This is my first order mind you.)

I found Boxed Wholesale through social media, it was a little Facebook ad. It was catchy enough to get my attention so I deliberately clicked on it to see what it was all about. (I say deliberately because I suffer from compulsive thumb disorder. That’s when your thumbs decide when to open an add shortly after your mind decided to X it out.) I thought, alright this seems like a pretty good deal for some of the things I frequent my local Walmart for. I am not a Walmart hater like many I know. I honestly do about 90% of all my grocery and home goods shopping there. I always feel like I am saving money when I go there. Saving money is important to me. Because, well… you know, we have a family of seven. I don’t shop much at Costco or Sam’s club anymore either, its just not close. Convenience is also important to me to. So now that we got the key points out of the way, savings and convienience, let’s talk about why I went with Boxed Wholesale. FREE SHIPPING! Just so you know, there is a minimum order amount required for free shipping (but your first order always ships for free). But for me, this isn’t a problem. Just imagine how much we have to spend to feed this big ole family. Yea, the grocery bill ain’t pretty folks. Before I just jumped on this boxed wagon I actually compared prices with Walmart online. And I was going to be saving. So, saving money, saving time, and I don’t even have to put on real people pants to  shop. Hello dream come true! I didn’t order a ton of stuff because I had done my shopping the Friday before I placed my order.

Here’s what my first order of biznasss looked like.

Total $88.39 Savings $93.44
Total $88.39 Savings $93.44

Maybe some of you are thinking, that really doesn’t look like a lot of stuff for $89 bucks. Well these are giants. Definitely more like Costco sized stuff here. Take a good look at that double Nutella, go ahead, nod and smile. Its HUGE!

Back to the Boxed Wholesale details. I placed my order Sunday 8/30/15. The standard delivery is two business days. My order arrived today. So they met their quota. My shipment came via FedEx. (GASP!) If there is anything different they could be doing, it would be shipping UPS. This box was really heavy, I kind of wish I would have weighed it. I can’t say that I am impressed with the packaging. There was a big puncture in the top of the box and the side was splitting open. But I won’t hold that against them, like I said this was a pretty heavy box. I blame FedEx.

First Boxed shipment

The big reveal. I love getting shipments. I don’t even care what it is. Once you’re an adult and really start adulting, having fun just isn’t what is used to be.

unboxing first boxed shipment

So there you have it folks. Boxed Wholesale be sure you check them out. I know I will be ordering again.

boxed wholesale

If you have questions about the order process, please leave them in the comments! I would also love to hear your boxed wholesale stories!

I personally invite you to try Boxed Wholesale. Using this code A7DKI you will get a $15 credit just for signing up!