Project Ten Glitter

This month’s Project Ten theme was Glitter, and of course a flood of sparkly goodness rushes through my mind as I am brain storming. Then I go to old reliable, Pinterest, to see what’s been done and get more glitspiration.  And I shouldn’t have been surprised that many of my ideas had already been done. But that didn’t matter to me, since I put my own flare to everything I do, at least I think so.

This little gal just turned 9, one more year before she’s double digits, so what better way to display glitter than to just have a good old fashioned glitter party! And it was a blast, complete with glitter nail polish, glitter lip gloss, glittery confetti, glittery balloons, sparkly head wrap, glitter, bangles, glitter backpack, and an overall glittertastic personality! Oh, and some Taylor Swift jams to rock out to while we made that glitter rain.

Glitter Party

Glitter bracelets by Justice

Glitter Party Wishes

Raining Glitter Fun

Laying in the Glitter Rain

Glitter Party for Elshadai

Head wrap, dress, and back pack from Target. Leggings and bangles from Justice. Hope you enjoyed this Project Ten Glitter party! Photo Credit B Hansen Photography