New man on campus!

Lewis Hansen

This is Lewis Little Dude Hansen, our new man on campus. He was born Aug 4th, 2014 and joined our ever growing family on Sept 13th, 2014. And he is just as silly and perfect as can be. So that makes 3 dogs, a guinea pig, 5 children, a very manly husband, and a wife (me) that runs around like a chicken with no head. But in all honesty, I can’t function any other way. I love my chaos filled days. I love my wild kids, my messy house, my stinky dogs, I sort of love my quirky guinea pig… often referred to as the “guinea pork” because he is currently larger than Lewis. I love that I can still strong arm my husband into letting me have pets. Even when he knows maybe its not the best idea. You know, puppies pee and poop everywhere! So far Lewis is doing an ok job in that department. But we have our work cut out for us following his every sniff and wander. This was just to be short and sweet, just like our new addition. Hope you love his cuteness just as much as we do!