Hamless Monte Cristo

I am sure you moms out there can agree that there are a few questions we hear on the daily that we could definitely do with out. Like “what’s for dinner”. I hear this question anywhere from 3-6 times per day. Everyday. 365 days a year. I guess that’s what I get for having a large family. And since I am feeding what feels like a small army, I have to figure out how to make something delicious in a reasonable amount of time. No one wants to live in the kitchen. My family is totally spoiled when it comes to dinner. They are used to variety and multiple side dishes. So if I’m feeling lazy and make what I call a “one hit wonder” (a dish with veggies, meat, and whatever else) they immediately say, “is this all we are having??”. Then I have to try and contain my exaggerated sighs and eye rolling and politely respond with a “yes” rather than a “ANYONE ELSE WANT TO VOLUNTEER AND COOK FOR YOU ALL!!??” (But maybe sometimes I respond that way.)


So while my husband and I were grocery shopping yesterday he asked if I had plans for dinner. I said, “no not yet” because we were pretty food less before our trip. I usually plan out a few weeks of meals then make a list. But I didn’t do that yesterday. I’m not sure why, I made a list and was mentally deciding what we would have this week. So as my husband was asking, he was holding some dinner rolls. He said, “maybe we could do something with these?”. I stood there a minute thinking, “what the heck, who plans a meal around dinner rolls?!?”. Then sandwiches popped in my head, knowing that I had an abundance of farm fresh eggs I needed to use, Monte Cristo’s seemed to be the perfect option. My husband said he’s never even heard of them, but agreed they sounded good. I can’t just make the sandwich with cheese and ham. First off, I don’t eat pork, secondly… that’s just too boring for me.

When we got home the first thing that was asked was, “what’s for dinner”. And of course the kids had never heard of monte cristo’s either. We did some traditional ones and then we had some fun making other gourmet sandwiches. No one had the same sandwich last night. For my sandwich, I wanted to use portabella caps, swiss cheese, avocado, and turkey bacon. So here’s my hamless Monte Cristo recipe.

Chop portabello caps

I started by chopping and sautéing my mushroom caps in a little extra virgin olive oil.


I seasoned the mushrooms with ground garlic, parsley flakes, and a little salt and pepper. The mushrooms tend to absorb the oil so add more oil if you need to. Just be careful not to make it too oily, unless that’s your thing, oily greasy foods.

garlic spread ingredients

I made my own version of a garlic spread. I didn’t measure anything, just threw stuff in a bowl and mixed it up. I make this a lot, and use it for veggie dip as well as a spread. Pretty simple spread, sprinkle garlic powder and dill into a bowl of mayo (I prefer the whip dressing) and add a little mustard to taste.

add garlic spread and cheese

I used my spread on both sides of my bread to make it extra creamy once the cheese was melted. I added three slices of swiss cheese. One on both sides and then one in the middle of all my sandwich guts. I tore them so they weren’t hanging over. Cheese that hangs over gets sacrificed to the griddle Gods. And that’s just wasteful in my opinion.

add everything but the kitchen sink

I tried to layer my ingredients so the melted cheese would hold everything together. What’s not pictured is the beaten eggs. Before your sandwich goes to the griddle, dip both sides of the sandwich in some beaten eggs. Add a little butter to your griddle so the bread doesn’t stick.

complete sandwich on griddle

Press sandwich to make sure all that cheese melts all over. Other versions of a monte cristo made last night included: cheddar jack cheese bread, peppered bacon, and turkey and cheese. There were no two sandwiches alike.

DIY Flower Crown

The first thing you are going to need to do is get yourself some materials. I purchased everything you see here at JoAnn’s fabric store. I have an upcoming maternity session and had a vision for dark rich colors. Deep purples and blues. And a beautiful flower crown. The mommy to be is going to have a girl so I wanted to keep the session feminine and of course glamorous. (I also made a matching dress, but you can see that after the photos are finished.) Mommy to be has me booked for the newborn session and I will be using the same color scheme for that little miss when she arrives.

DIY FLower Crown Materials

What you’ll need for this DIY Flower Crown:
1. Flowers – I used fake flowers because I am making a matching baby mini crown or tie back.
2. Some wire
3. Wire cutters – I used 4.6m wire
4. Scissors
5. Floral tape

I started by cutting the wire about 20″ in length. I came up with that using a very scientific method. I took one end of the wire, and wrapped it around my head in the shape of a crown. Then I clipped it in a very calculating manner.

I shaped the wire into a crown and pressed it against the table to flatten it out. Then I cut my flowers from their stems. For the larger flowers I cut off the entire stem. For the smaller ones I left a little room for taping.

Flower Crown Layout

Then I created a layout for the crown. Once I decided on my flowers placement, I began wiring them starting on one side.

Taping on flower arrangement

Since the little flowers had some slack to work with they were really easy to attach to the wire. And I must say, I’m not a big fan of the floral tape. Does a great job, it’s just my super grip strength that kept snapping it. Grrrr.

The larger flowers posed a different challenge. I wanted them to be somewhat flimsy so they can be moved after being placed on a head. So I decided I was going to string them on. And it worked! I used denim thread because it’s sturdier than all purpose thread. I would recommend that or embroidery thread. Then I tied the larger flowers in place and taped the thread to help stabilize the flower but still have some wiggle room.

Finishing the crowns ends.

Once I got all my flowers placed it I knew I needed to finish the ends. Obviously having that exposed cut wire is a bit of a concern and I knew I needed to keep my client crown-stab-free. After getting this far without any accidents,  I was feeling pretty strong about my crown game. I tied a knot onto the wire and positioned it up a few centimeters. I wrapped the tape around the end of the wire to make it softer. Then wrapped the tape up over the knot and then back down again to be sure the twine didn’t just pop off. And SUCCESS!

Add final touches

Then I admired my craftsmanship. I may have even worn it for awhile in pride.

Complete DIY Flower Crown

The Simple Farm – Totes McGoats

If you are in the market to find something cool to do during Spring Break, then take a morning trip this Friday to The Simple Farm! I posted about their caramels that we enjoyed during our Febuary workshop. But after reading her blog and following Lylah Ledner on Instagram, I just knew I needed to make the trip to check out her awesome goat farm. So we did just that last Friday. On Fridays the farm is open for caramel pick up, as well as fresh farm market. They have fresh eggs, produce, caramels, chocolates from Bee Hive Chocolates, and local raw honey. That’s just a glimpse of all the goodies she has!

Cute hand painted signs give directions to this Urban Farm.
Cute hand painted signs give directions to this Urban Farm.

Right as we parked, I knew I was smitten for this Urban Farm. Tucked away off what seemed like a normal street. Parking lined with rail road ties. Cute painted signs made from recycled pallets. When I think of Scottsdale, I admit, farming isn’t the first thing that crosses my mind. To be honest, I think of snooty, fashion forward wealthy people. All wearing their lulu lemon workout clothes (at any given time of the day) carrying a fresh poured coffee from this weeks newest trendiest coffee shop that probably cost them $10. I know I know, my “judgy” is showing. So when I pulled into the parking lot and walked back to this Urban Farm I was blown away. I’m not sure how many acres the farm is, but it was well laid out. There were garden beds every where, Vines, planting boxes and potting plants that seemed endless in sight. There were garden and farm staff quietly working on the plants. As you follow the signs back you come to a small covered area with tables to sit and enjoy some Mama’s Cold Brew coffee and creamer. A local momtreprenuer who has come to be quite infamous with in the greater phoenix areas. There is a cute little barn filled with fresh produce, herbs, caramels, tea spices, fresh eggs, and countless other things I can’t even remember.

Enjoy a cup of Mama's Cold Brew while you are thinking of how you will cook your farm fresh produce.
Enjoy a cup of Mama’s Cold Brew while you are thinking of how you will cook your farm fresh produce.

I forgot to take a picture of my coffee, I was too busy guzzling it down. I chose Mama’s cold brews vanilla creamer and my husband went with the Irish creamer. But the coffee is perfectly fine black, filled with rich flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg. I typically drink my coffee black but wanted to taste the homemade creamers.

I had been chatting via email with Lylah the week earlier to let her know I’d be stopping by, and to respectfully inquire about photography. Its important to me, especially since I travel in a larger pack than many, I ask about taking pictures when we go places. Some places don’t allow it. It preserves the spaces, and I respect that. You would be surprised at how many people (including photographers) don’t ask, and abuse places that do not have a policy. That can cause one of two things: a fee, or no “photography allowed”. So upon arrival she came up to the shop and was outside chatting with a friend of mine who plans to have some professional photography done on her farm. See her rules for photography HERE. And she said to her, “oh there is a photographer coming by today” and then my friend said, “yea she’s in there”! And then there I was admiring all her goodies, trying to decide what all I wanted to buy. Lylah came in and introductions where made. We got to talking about cameras and asked if I’d mind taking a picture of one of the goats. Ummmm, a chance to see the baby goats…. SIGN ME UP! I agreed and we headed back toward the house on the farm, I curiously sprayed my shoes with something labled “hoof spray” upon her request. And headed into the goats living quarters. They were such well mannered goats. A little nosy, wondering who this stranger was in their pen and what my business was. Then came the babies, soooooo cute! Once we got back there she noticed (who doesn’t) I came with a rather large group of kids. It just happened to be feeding time, and asked if some of them would like to help bottle feed the babies. DOUBLE YES! I went and got some of the older kids I knew would want to. Doowon (15 our Korean Exchange student), Beau (12), Braden (10), and Bennett (8). Caitlyn (14) stayed behind because she didn’t want to crowd the babies, and well Brooks (5) is just a little young and uninterested. He probably would have done fine, but I didn’t want to risk managing him around the baby goats.

Mama Goats Milk

Some babies took right to the bottles, and some weren’t as interested in feeding. They were more interested in sniffing us.

Feeding time for the baby goats

My kids love animals, all animals. And I have always wanted to raise some farm animals. But as of now, my HOA doesn’t see things my way.

Cherry is the only girl born out of 11 babies in the last month.
Cherry is the only girl born out of 11 babies in the last month.

Meet Cherry, the one and only baby girl. The reason our farm adventure turned into an amazing day out during our spring break. Because she needed a picture. Isn’t she the cutest?

Totes McGoats

Here are some of the Goats who received a lot less attention but are cute none the less. They are simply “Totes McGoats”.

B Hansen Photography Workshop #bhphotoworkshop

BHPhoto Workshop in Action

I am so excited to say that my first Photography workshop was a success. And as you know, I could not have had the courage to do it with out the help from my dear friend and designer Paige Rangel. She is the author of The Love Designed Life and mommy to two little beauties with one on the way.

I have been planning to start some small workshops at the request of many friends and clients for almost a year now. And as a small business owner, sometimes it can be hard to take a step in this direction and teach the up and comers. (Or AKA The Up and Coming Competition!) But in my third official year in business I decided to take this leap of faith and offer a beginner workshop and hope it does not hinder my business plan, but steers it positively.  I am branching out this year to offer these workshops, some individual mentoring, and some online tutorials. B Hansen Photography Workshop is a GO! I do admit, teaching and facilitating is definitely a passion of mine. (A reason that I have given this blog bit an on again-off again relationship.)

When planning any sort of get together I tend to go a tad over board. I like everything to match, have a cohesive design and/or theme. This is seriously any thing I do. SO when it came to planning a workshop I knew I needed the help of fashionista/designer/DIYer/over the toper like me friend Paige. I was able to give her some of my ideas and she brought them to life. She offered some ideas that worked brilliantly with the food creations, workshop book, and family styling that truly created a workshop to remember.

Beautiful succulents by The Love Designed Life
Beautiful succulents by The Love Designed Life

Here is an example of our practice workspace. The succulents are from Trader Joe’s and were a parting gift to each attendee. She made all the other floral arrangements and creations… By hand… Real Flowers. Did I mention how amazing she is?

Our delicious treats by The Bean Co and The Simple Farm
Our delicious treats by The Bean Co and The Simple Farm

When it came to food, I knew she has enough on her plate designing and styling everything else, so I took care of the grub. Another passion of mine. These are the most delicious hand made caramels any of us have ever had! Bought locally from The Simple Farm. They are made with fresh goats milk and are TO. DIE. FOR. The small food items I made were a brown rice pancake topped with some roasted carrots, beats, and chic peas. Our other tasty treat was my homemade baby lemon cakes made fresh from lemons I picked from a friends farm in Mesa.

Perfect natural aroma therapy by The Love Designed Life
Perfect natural aroma therapy by The Love Designed Life

This was the table set up for shooting in direct sunlight.

Perfect gift for a photography workshop. Scarf camera strap by The Bloom Theory.
Perfect gift for a photography workshop. Scarf camera strap by The Bloom Theory.

What’s an awesome workshop without a raffle?? Not an awesome workshop, that’s what. Each guest was part of a raffle and the prize was a goody indeed! This fabulous scarf camera strap by The Bloom Theory. This gal did a happy dance after winning this sweet little number, picture of dance not featured.

And now to the fun. After each lesson we took a break and practiced what we covered in our lesson book. Then at the end of the workshop we offered an option shoot out. This is where my friend truly shines. (See how she styled this family HERE.) Here are the images taken by me. B Hansen Photography

This gorgeous session was styled by The Love Designed Life
This gorgeous session was styled by The Love Designed Life
Fresh floral crowns with perfect succulent accents provide a perfect dreamy addition to this fabulous styled photo session by The Love Designed Life
Fresh floral crowns with perfect succulent accents provide a perfect dreamy addition to this fabulous styled photo session by The Love Designed Life
Styled by The Love Designed Life, these siblings are too cute for words!
Styled by The Love Designed Life, these siblings are too cute for words!
after a long day of learning this awesome group of ladies are putting their new talents to work! Styling by The Love Designed Life
after a long day of learning this awesome group of ladies are putting their new talents to work! Styling by The Love Designed Life

Slouchy Beanie Tutorial

Slouchy Beanie

Here is the slouchy beanie tutorial I promised! And it was so easy. You can find the pattern I printed for free HERE, by Heidi and Finn, she also has a tutorial to follow along to.


I love remnant fabrics, I get just enough to make something. And have acquired a pretty extensive collection of fabrics for a fraction of the price. So whenever I feel the need to get crafty I am sure to already have something. On the flip side, trying to find just the color or fabric I desire… ends up looking like Joann’s threw up in my living room. But I found this piece about a year ago. It is a reversible, one side pockadot and the other stripes. Black and white is pretty timeless so I knew this was perfect for this project. Since I didn’t want any seems to show when reversing it I needs to make two layers. SO you could just use two completely different fabrics. Or you could keep it simple and stick with one layer. That would cut the time put into your beanie.

Materials Needed
about 1/2 yard stretchy fabric
sewing machine
chalk to trace
printed pattern

Cut pattern

First you will need to trace your pattern your pattern twice and cut. Oh, I tweaked the original pattern and made it full length since I was making it double sided. I would recommend shortening it by about an inch though.

Sew along the sides only

You want to sew your sides, but only the sides. I added the red lines on the previous picture as an example.

then sew the center lines

Once you have your side edges down, turn it so that the center edge is now rounded.

center line example

It should look like this. Be sure that you do this for both layers. You want to also remember to have them on opposite sides when you are stitching so that your pattern changes when you are reversing it.

put right sides together

Once you have the two layers stitched you will need to put the right sides (the sides without the seem lines) together by stuffing one layer inside the other. The sew along the edge leaving a small opening.


I make sure that I match my long stitched sides together. But that part really doesn’t matter. I just think it looks cleaner in the end. Sew all along the edge, leave a small hole. I suggest back stitching when you start and when you end.

turn inside out

Using the small opening you left, turn it inside out. Now it will look really funny, just tuck one of the sides into the other. How you close that opening is up to you. I added a little patch of fabric and sewed all around it.

stripe side

pockadot side

There you have it, a completely revisable beanie! Jersey knit fabric is best for this project.
My sewing machine settings:
Tension 2
Straight stitch
Width 4

my first attempt

Here is the first attempt using the tutorial from Heidi & Finn. But then when I was almost done I didn’t want to add the headband part. So I skipped that part and then zigzag stitched it closed. The zigzag made the edge a little wonky. It’s still cute. Especially on this guy.

Project Ten Glitter

This month’s Project Ten theme was Glitter, and of course a flood of sparkly goodness rushes through my mind as I am brain storming. Then I go to old reliable, Pinterest, to see what’s been done and get more glitspiration.  And I shouldn’t have been surprised that many of my ideas had already been done. But that didn’t matter to me, since I put my own flare to everything I do, at least I think so.

This little gal just turned 9, one more year before she’s double digits, so what better way to display glitter than to just have a good old fashioned glitter party! And it was a blast, complete with glitter nail polish, glitter lip gloss, glittery confetti, glittery balloons, sparkly head wrap, glitter, bangles, glitter backpack, and an overall glittertastic personality! Oh, and some Taylor Swift jams to rock out to while we made that glitter rain.

Glitter Party

Glitter bracelets by Justice

Glitter Party Wishes

Raining Glitter Fun

Laying in the Glitter Rain

Glitter Party for Elshadai

Head wrap, dress, and back pack from Target. Leggings and bangles from Justice. Hope you enjoyed this Project Ten Glitter party! Photo Credit B Hansen Photography

DIY Camera Strap Cover

finished starp cover

I have a lot of upcoming projects in the near future and I am so lucky to have one of my best and longest friends to help me. She is a complete in over your head DIY nut like me. You can see some of her amazing creations HERE. She is co-hosting/styling my very first photography workshop and we got on the topic of camera straps. And looking through them I was inspired to see if I could make one. THUS, the DIY camera strap tutorial is here! Granted, this was my first attempt and I didn’t bother measuring, ironing, properly cutting materials, etc… I just wanted to give it a quick whirl to get an idea of how complicated it could be. And I must say, although I am not in love with this one, it was pretty easy to make. So beginner level sewers out there – give it a try!

DIY camera strap materials

What you’ll need:
Fabric, 1/8 of a yard is plenty
Something cute to add to it, I used sequin ribbon (optional)
Sewing Machine
Original camera strap
Go getter attitude

cut fabric based on strap size

I just laid my camera strap next to the fabric and cut the width. Be sure to give some hem allowance. As you can see I didn’t bother using a cutter but that would certainly make this project look a lot better.

sew on sequins

Taking one side of your strap fabric add your embellishment. It could be anything, or nothing at all. There are endless options when you start to think about it. And I just chose this based on what I had lying around the house. Hashtag – HOARDINGSTATUS.

Sew on second sequin ribbon

My sequin ribbon was pretty thin so I added two rows.

place right sides together

Once you’ve got your embellishment done, place the sides you want to show together.

sew right sides together

Sew the sides closed.

finish ends

I should have thought to finish the ends prior to sewing the sides, so be sure to change up my steps for faster results.

turn inside out

Turn it inside out and slide your existing strap into the cover. Mine was a pretty snug fit but I wanted it that way so that it is less likely to slip out of place. Now I am eager to make some more polished, super cute ones!

The benefit of this cover is that it is removable and can be washed. I know I get a little sweaty when I am taking pictures. TMI

tada, finished strap

Wild Rice with Butternut Squash and Kale

This is what I made for Thanksgiving dinner. I know it’s a little late to be posting but it was pretty good. Especially considering it was my plan B. When I went to the store to buy a fresh beet they were out. It was originally going to have butternut squash and beets. I then subbed the beets for kale and only added the red cabbage for color. It was a great fall dish. Hope you at least give it a try!
And I wish I would have taken the time to take a better plated picture, but we were starving so as soon as we unveiled all the amazing food, we got down to business!

Ingredients for Wild Rice and butternut squash

Ingredients for Wild rice with butternut squash and kale:
2 cups chopped butternut squash
1 cup of shredded red cabbage
1 cup of shredded kale
2 parsnips chopped
1 1/2 cups of wild rice
Half an orange


chopped kale

I used a bag of already chopped kale, which was super easy.

wild rice

I cooked the rice separately in chicken stock according to package directions.

Add butternut squash and sautee

Start by sautéing your butternut squash in a little olive oil first, just enough to make them slightly tender, but not squishy, then add in your parsnips, they will also need to soften some. I admit, I used too much oil, but it was fine in the end. Kept the rice from clumping up.

Add chopped red cabbage

Then add in your chopped red cabbage once the squash and parsnips are to your desired tenderness.

Add Kale and orange juice

Then add in your chopped kale, and once you’ve gotten a good sauté going, take half an orange and squeeze it over the veggies. Then toss with your cooked rice. Salt and pepper to taste. This was pretty simple to make, and if you wanted to make it even faster you can buy everything already chopped at the store.

Wild rice with butternutsquash

7 Random Facts about me…

I spy

So my SIL tagged me in a FB post asking for 7 random facts about me, after she shared some random facts about herself. I’m not incredibly random, I’d like to think I am a pretty open book. So the people that know me, generally know me very well. But here is what I came up with.

1. I blow my nose like it’s going out of style. I blow my nose obsessively, like way more than what’s needed or normal. If I had to guess I’d say like 5-10 times a day.
2. I have some MUST have’s, sometimes they feel like they are do or die kind of must have’s. Just things I would skip a meal for, just to have the brand I want to have. And I never stray, totally loyal to these items. Its pathetic. Some examples are Charmin Ultra TP, gotta have it, Qtip brand qtips, please never suggest I use any other cause I just won’t, Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, only brand and has to be just the normal sauce. I find any other of Hunt’s flavors unacceptable.
3. Thursday is my favorite day of the week. So when Holidays, birthdays, or events fall on a Thursday, that makes them instantly epic. Thursday is forever and always Friday Eve.
4. I don’t enjoy reading, I am a major skimmer. Unless its something I want to learn. I’d rather read a manual or text book over fiction. I didn’t read a complete book cover to cover until I was like 25 (?!?!? maybe, can’t recall)
5. I don’t really care for sweets but if I had to have one candy for the rest of my life it would be the berry flavored gummy savers.
6. My toes are always painted. I barely recognize them if they aren’t. Its like a surreal feeling… “what the…. who’s feet are those?!”
7. I can’t stand sub titles. They really annoy me, to the point where I start to get really irritated and want to leave the room. And I don’t hear very well but I would rather go on thinking I heard it right or not knowing what’s going on than read a movie or show.

Dear fellow sports moms…

Being a sports mom
Dear fellow sports moms,
Lets talk about ways we show our gratitude, because I take this very personally and some do not. And that is ok.
First, let me start by saying “With all due respect”. And as sarcastic as I normally am, I do mean that. I am not sharing my thoughts on this lightly. As a matter of fact this is something that has bugged me in many ways, in various times and places, and on both small and large scales.
The reason I am talking specifically to my fellow sports moms, is because this is happening to me a lot. And its driving me nuts. “NO, I do not want to give you money for a coaches gift”. There I said it, and it feels bad that I even have to say it. But why do I even have to be asked? I get that perhaps you want to express your appreciation to the coaches for all their hard work, as a matter of fact, so do I. But I prefer to thank them in my own ways. And I really hate when people ask me for money. If I wanted to give a gift card to a coach, I would pick it up myself. I don’t feel bad handing someone a gift card as low as $5. But I would rather do something more personal, like offer to host the team party, take pictures all season long and share them with the team, or offer to make a team video, or buy all the pizza for the team party. I often offer to help carpool kids around if they live in my hood. Ok, so the things I am saying some of you are probably thinking “ok Brandi, no big deal, why are you complaining?” Well here is why, not everyone is in a position to give $5. And maybe there are some people who don’t even like the coach. When I worked for a retail company, this happened a lot. An eager employee would round everyone up and ask for money to give to the big guy (The Man) in some shape or form. So that the team could show appreciation. I get it, I really do. And I am a grateful person. But there were many people that either did not have the money, or weren’t grateful. This only happened twice a year. Bosses day and Christmas.
Alright, here’s why its bugging me so much with sports. I have 5 children and 3 of them are in sports. Which in one year we have roughly 6-7 seasons. These are club sports. Meaning, I am already paying for them to be in it. Along, with gear and sometimes uniforms, it adds up fast. Some of the coaches are being paid in some leagues and some are volunteer. My irritation comes from dishing out money year round for my kids to be in the things they love and are passionate about. So why don’t we redirect the gratitude towards them… the kids on the team. Why aren’t we asking the kids how they want to show their appreciation? Why do we feel compelled to monetarily give all the time?? Why don’t we ask our kids to wash the coaches cars, or do some of their yard work? I could go on for awhile on the topic of teaching our kids about service, but that’s for another day.
In closing, please don’t misunderstand my “Oh no, I will not be giving you $5 for a gift card”, for being a party pooper. Please don’t think because I am in my car on my computer working during practices or not there at all that I am not a team player either. I see your expressions. Please don’t read to far into this thinking I am rude, and my intention is not to be mean. Take some time to get to know me, and please let me be grateful in my own ways. Or find better ways to approach me about asking for money so I don’t have to say no. EX: Announces to all the parents at once, “I (because you are the person that had the idea) am going to be purchasing a gift card for the coach/coaches this year. If anyone would like to pitch in let me know by __/__ (insert date).”
And if there are coaches reading this, thank you for sharing your time with our youth. Showing them the importance of both team work and independent critical thinking. What winning and losing is all about, and just generally being awesome. I am utterly grateful to you and I’m sorry if you are disappointed that your gift card was $5 shorter than it could have been. I hope I can make it up to you in my own way.
PS. I do usually donate to the gift card fund. Because I feel suckered into. I just recently started saying no.